10 years of experience makes us the best

About us :

"Gestled” is a family owned business that was founded in 2015. The organization made a significant influence on the Egyptian market. Gestled nurtured an impressive growth over the years positioning ourselves as one of the most growing lighting companies .
We have extensive technical knowledge and experience in supporting lighting requirements for commercial and industrial projects providing customized designs for street led light, floodlight and high bay. Our inspired designers work in complementary with our R&D department to meet customer needs which positions Gestled in the market trends and our reputation for providing customer excellence experience .
Gestled is located at the heart of the new industrial area in Egypt, on a 3000 square meter with over 100+ employees serving our customers and adapting to the rapid local changes in the economy and industry reaching a topnotch quality products giving you confidence that you’re part of a brighter future.